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Investor FAQs

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How do I buy stock in Skyworks?

Skyworks stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol SWKS. To buy Skyworks shares, you may contact a brokerage firm or invest online through Equiniti Trust Company, LLC’s website at, call 877.366.6437 (Toll Free) 718.921.8124 (Local & International), or email .

Who is Skyworks' transfer agent?

Equiniti Trust Company, LLC:, 877.366.6437 (Toll Free) 718.921.8124 (Local & International),

How can I find out about my shares of Skyworks?

To verify your holdings, please contact either your broker or our Transfer Agent, Equiniti Trust Company, LLC:, 877.366.6437 (Toll Free) 718.921.8124 (Local & International),

How can I get a history of closing stock prices for Skyworks?

Visit the Investor Relations section of our website under Historic Stock Lookup, and select your desired date.

Does Skyworks pay dividends?

Our Board of Directors has regularly declared a quarterly cash dividend since May 2014, enabling us to return additional free cash flow to our shareholders. The payment of future cash dividends is subject to the Board's determination that cash dividends continue to be in the best interests of our shareholders and are in compliance with all applicable laws and agreements to which the Company is subject or party. In addition to these constraints, the payment of cash dividends in the future, if any, will depend upon such factors as Skyworks' earnings levels, capital requirements, contractual restrictions, cash position and overall financial condition and any other factors deemed relevant by the Board.

Does Skyworks offer a dividend reinvestment plan?

Our transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company, LLC, offers a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) with respect to Skyworks common stock held at Equiniti. Any cash dividends paid on shares enrolled in the DRIP are automatically reinvested into shares of Skyworks stock. If eligible, you may enroll in the DRIP online through Equiniti’s website at or by calling 877.366.6437 (Toll Free) or 718.921.8124 (Local & International). If you hold shares of Skyworks stock in a brokerage account, you should contact your broker to inquire whether a DRIP is offered by the broker with respect to such shares.

What is Skyworks' CUSIP Number?

Skyworks' CUSIP Number is 83088M102.

Does Skyworks have a mailing list?

Skyworks is focusing its resources on the expanding use of electronic media to view and disseminate corporate information. We invite you to view all press releases, earnings releases and SEC filings on our company website at and sign up to receive email alerts. Please go to:

How do I get a copy of Skyworks' Annual Report/Proxy?

Our Annual Reports/Proxys can be found online. Contact us if you would like to receive a hard copy of our most recent annual report/proxy. Please go to:

Who are Skyworks' independent accountants?

Skyworks' independent accountants are KPMG LLP (Boston, Massachusetts).

Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?

Please contact Investor Relations at