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Conexant Enables Next-Generation Wireless Networks With Industry's Highest-Performance Fractional RF Synthesizer

Conexant Enables Next-Generation Wireless Networks With Industry's Highest-Performance Fractional RF SynthesizerConexant Editorial contact:
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Conexant Enables Next-Generation Wireless Networks With Industry's Highest-Performance Fractional RF Synthesizers

Solution Simplifies Design Process For Next-Generation GSM And Third-Generation WCDMA Wireless Handsets And Infrastructure Applications

Newport Beach , Calif., Sept. 25, 2000 - Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT) announced today new frequency synthesizers designed for next-generation wireless phone, satellite, two-way paging, two-way radio and wireless local-area network (LAN) applications. Offering industry-leading performance and software programmability, Conexant's Synthesizer Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) family will decrease the number of components typically required to implement a radio frequency (RF) subsystem.

Frequency synthesizers are key building blocks required in the design of all wireless products - from mobile phones to wireless infrastructure equipment such as base stations and satellite terminals. They create the RF signal used by cellular handsets
and base stations to send and receive wireless voice and data transmissions.
This marks the first time that Conexant has sold synthesizers as standalone
components. These products are currently integrated into the company's family of proven wireless subsystems.

"Expanding our RF component offering with products such as the Synthesizer PLL family is a key strategy for growing our customer base in the wireless arena," said Mohy Abdelgany, vice president of Conexant's Wireless Communications Division. "With this introduction, Conexant will help make next-generation phones more quickly available to consumers worldwide."

"Conexant's synthesizer solutions are uniquely positioned to help manufacturers overcome the challenges associated with designing products for next-generation
wireless networks," said Jeff Robillard, product line manager in Conexant's Wireless Communications Division. "As carriers deploy next-generation (2.5G and 3G) wireless networks, these systems will co-exist with legacy mobile/cellular systems, increasing
the demand for terminal and infrastructure equipment. Conexant's line of fractional synthesizer PLLs provides flexibility to support both existing and future networks by enabling multi-mode, multi-band and backward-compatible operation in handset and base station applications."

Current and future wireless applications require frequency synthesizers that offer high performance such as fast settling time (frequency switching speed), low phase noise
and small frequency step size. Fast settling time, typically under 200 microseconds, is required by wireless network applications such as global standard for mobile communications (GSM), wideband code division multiple access (W-CDMA) and enhanced data rates for global evolution (EDGE) to enable them to send a signal and quickly reset to send another signal to meet data throughput requirements. The Conexant Synthesizer PLL family features settling times under 200 microseconds, which is approximately 80 percent faster than competitive solutions. Low phase noise improves the ability of the
RF circuit to generate and maintain signals over a longer distance, enhancing wireless transmission with fewer lost connections. The Conexant Synthesizer PLL family offers phase noise as low as -95dBc/Hz, more than 90 percent lower than alternative offerings. Wireless applications supporting multi-mode, multi-band and backward compatible operation must support multiple frequency plans and channel sizes. The Conexant Synthesizer PLL family, which offers frequency step sizes of under 100 Hz, can be programmed to accommodate almost any frequency plan and step size. In addition to demanding high levels of performance, current- and next-generation wireless applications also require low power consumption to preserve battery life of mobile devices. The Conexant Synthesizer PLL family offers power consumption as low as 14 milliwatts.

Conexant's synthesizer family includes the CX74038 and CX74039, announced today,
as well as the CX72300 (formerly PS2500), CX72301 (formerly PS1200) and CX72302 (formerly PS6500), announced by Philsar Semiconductor in February 2000 prior to its acquisition by Conexant. The CX74038 and CX74039 are optimized for mobile
applications in which power consumption is critical, and the CX72300, CX72301 and CX72302 are ideal for base stations and wireless infrastructure devices that require higher performance.

Pricing and Availability
The CX74038 and CX74039 are packaged as a 20-pin thin shrink small outline package (TSSOP) and manufactured using a high-performance BiCMOS process. The devices are priced at less than $3 in volumes of 10,000. Engineering samples of the 20-pin TSSOP device are available now, and production quantities will be available in the fourth quarter of 2000. Devices in 5 mm x 5 mm land grid array (LGA) packaging are also expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2000. Technical details about Conexant's Synthesizer PLL family are available at

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